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Base Management Services
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Base Management Services

RHG Group, Inc., provides property owner services for government and commercial operations. We can help you:

  • Control, maintain, operate, and manage your property, equipment, and supplies
  • Computerize your work management and preventive maintenance systems
  • Acquire and maintain for you communications and electronic equipment, office machinery and microcomputers
  • Maintain, repair, and manage your office buildings, training centers, housing or dormitories, and industrial buildings
  • Maintain your grounds, recycle and dispose of your refuse, and landscape your property
  • Handle your hazardous materials by abating/encapsulating, removing, storing, and disposing of them
  • Manage your sports facilities, recreation centers, clinics, libraries, golf courses, dining facilities
  • Administrate your mailrooms, courier services, base locator services, and audiovisual and word processing activities
  • Shuttle your staff to and from your base of operation using a fleet of cars and mini-vans
  • Manage and maintain your airfields
  • Manage and maintain your fleet of vessels
  • Improve your clinical productivity with efficient and accountable patient escort services

Contact Info:

915 5th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Tel: 202-789-0039
Fax: 202-789-1933

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